TICA Triple Grand Champion
N*Ragstar's Caprize of USAPurrs

Born: 05/23/10
S*Leo Minor Ursköna Urwits
Davina vom Paradiesquell
100 % Traditional Lines
***Import from Norway***

HCM DNA: Negative


This extremely handsome boy is Caprize or as we like to call him "Cappy".
Cappy is a Seal Mitted male, who I searched for a very long time. I am so
pleased to have him in my program! Cappy has a much desired %100
 Traditional line pedigree.  He has deep sapphire blue eyes...probably
the darkest eye color that I have seen on a Ragdoll yet. He has a big, broad
head...heavy boning...and great size. He has a beautiful profile, strong chin,

and soft lush coat. His point color is rich, and the contrast between his
points and his body color is perfect. To top the icing on the cake Cappy
has a sweet, floppy, purry, and complete Ragdoll temperament. He is
so wonderful and I adore him to no end. I cannot wait to see the babies
that he will produce for us, but for now I will enjoy showing him for
a while and let him be my spoiled baby  :)


***A huge THANK YOU to Silje of Ragstar's cattery in Norway for this amazing boy.***




Cappy was a one show TICA Grand Champion earning 8 finals at his first adult
show the weekend of April 29 - May 1. Not only was there a beautiful class of
Ragdolls competing, but also many top cats from around the country. This

was the last show of the 2010-2011 show season, and many exhibitors and
even judges were hoping for a few finals for their cats at this last show.
  All the cats were spectacular, and so well presented. I was so pleased
at the way Cappy handled at his first show with me, and even more excited
at how well he placed in the show. It was an honor to have received so many
finals at such a highly competitive show :)

Cappy's Photo Gallery
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2.5 weeks old - such a cute little baby!
(Photos courtesy of Silje Tungland)

5 weeks old
(Photos courtesy of Silje Tungland)

7 weeks old
(Photos courtesy of Silje Tungland)

10 weeks old
(Photos courtesy of Silje Tungland)

14 weeks old
(Photos courtesy of Silje Tungland)

18 weeks old
(Photos courtesy of Silje Tungland)

5 Months old
(Photos courtesy of Silje Tungland)

 8 Months old - February 2011
(Photos courtesy of Silje Tungland)

10 Months old - April 2011
** These photos were taken only 18 hours after Cappy arrived in USA!**

11 Months old - Cappy with Kamber!!!

11 Months old - May 2011

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