TICA RW Quad Grand Champion
Adorabledolls Colton Levi of USAPurrs

Born: 06/06/12
Dad: CH Adorabledolls Andre Venieto
Mom: Adorabledolls Sheridan
HCM DNA:  Negative

Colton has received the following awards:
2013 Third Best Ragdoll Kitten of the Year - Internationally
2013 Best Ragdoll Kitten - MP Region
2013 5th Best Allbreed Kitten - MP Region


Colton is an extremely handsome and HUGE Seal Mitted boy. He has fabulous
eye color, a very bright and vivid blue. He has perfect markings, that look like
they were painted on. His head is large and broad. He has perfect little ears
that fit just perfectly on his huge head. His body is long, and his legs
are like tree trunks, massive boning on this guy. But better than anything else is his
over the top, loving, sweet, outgoing, playful, affectionate and outstanding
personality. It is obvious that he was raised with lots of love from his breeder
and my dear friend Carol Jaquez of Adorabledolls in California.
We are so honored to have Colton in our home and look forward to his
adorable babies to come in the near future. Thank you Carol!!!

Colton's Photo Gallery
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Baby Colton - 4 weeks

[file:///C:/Users/DeFoe/Documents/My Web Sites/USAPurrs/photogallery/photo00023646/real.htm]

Colton as a young kitten - around 4 months.

Colton's photo shoot by Chanan! - 6 months old

Colton's photo shoot with the world famous Tetsu!

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