RockCreek Katy Purry of USAPurrs

Born: 5/2/12
Dad: USAPurrs Sunshine Kid of RockCreek
Mom: RockCreek Little Miss Fancy Pants
HCM DNA:  Negative

Katy Purry is an adorable Blue Lynx Mitted girl. This girl is as sweet as they come!
She has perfect markings, and soft, plush coat, and exquisite tabby markings.
Katy Purry was named by my daughter Kaity for her favorite singer Katy Perry!
Katy Purry is a very smart kitty, and taught herself how to play fetch! She will
bring toys and drop them in your lap to play. She will keep a game going for up
to an hour! Thank you to Jane for this outstanding girl!

Katy Purry's Photo Gallery
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Katy Purry as an adorable baby...


October 2012......4 months old

Almost 4 1/2 months old

Kaity and Katy Purry...
Halloween 2012 - 5 months
Two Pretty Princesses!


9 months old

March 2013 - 10 months old

August 2013 - 15 months old


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