TICA Champion
Darlin'lil'dolls President of USAPurrs

Born: 01/01/2013
Dad: Darlin'lil'dolls Atticus

Mom: Darlin'lil'dolls Sweetest Little Pea
HCM DNA: Negative via Parentage


 "Presley" is an amazing Blue Mitted boy. He comes to us from the Canadian
Ragdoll Cattery - Darlin'lil'dolls. Presley is an all-round great package.
He has good size, nice head, great earset, beautiful eyes, a super coat,

and an amazing temperament. He loves to "help" with all the household

chores including making beds, folding laundry, and especially putting
away the dishes. He is kind of goofy and clumsy, and will run full force
and just slide across the floor sometimes running into a piece of furniture,
another cat, or us!!! He is just so silly. Plus he is a New Years Baby!!!
I love this boy to pieces, and cannot wait to watch him grow and eventually
see what lovely kittens he will produce for us. He is such a special boy
and I lovingly refer to him as my "Little Prince".  His pedigree is from
100% Traditional lines, and I have always loved his Mom Sweet Pea
so much, that when Gail offered me this boy, I couldn't refuse.

I am so happy to have him here with us...Thank you Gail!!!


Check back often for new photos of Presley as he grows.....

Presley's Photo Gallery
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8 weeks old
(Photos by Darlinlildolls Ragdoll Cattery)

11 weeks old
(Photos by Darlinlildolls Ragdoll Cattery)


Just arrived in Florida....13 weeks old.

3 months....

4 months....

7 months....

August 2013 - Presley 7 months....

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