Declawing Information

What you need to know about Declawing….

At USAPurrs Ragdolls your kitten is adopted with a contract and guarantee. Within this contract there is a no-declaw agreement. USAPurrs STRONGLY disagrees with having a cat/kitten declawed and for good reason.

You need to know what is involved in the actual procedure and the risks that your cat can encounter if you choose to have him/her declawed.

Please visit the following website for more information about declawing. Please be warned that this website contains graphic and gruesome photos of an actual declaw surgery. But it also contains very informative articles, reports, and studies, written and performed by actual veterinarians, and is information that should not be overlooked or ignored.

***Visit   STOPDECLAW.COM   now!!!***

After visiting this website and learning the horrific truth about declawing, please share this information with friends, family, anyone you know that loves and/or owns cats. The public needs to be educated of the inhumane truth!.

Thank you,

USAPurrs Ragdoll Family