Our Future

This page is dedicated to our future hopefuls. If all goes as planned with their growth and development then these beautiful babies will later become some of our Moms and Dads.

USAPurrs Peekaboo Rag White and Blue
Blue Point Bicolor – “Peeka”
Peeka’s Pedigree

USAPurrs American Cupie Doll
Seal Point Mitted – “Cupie”
Cupie’s Pedigree

OfMoonlightDolls Glory of USAPurrs
Seal Point Bicolor – Traditional Lines – “Glory”
Glory’s Pedigree

Nikita de Kind of Magic
Blue Point Mitted – Traditional Lines – “Nikki”
Nikki’s Pedigree

Of MoonlightDolls Scout of USAPurrs
Blue Point Mitted Male – Traditional Line – “Scout”
Scout’s Pedigree

USAPurrs Better Late Then Never
Seal Lynx Point Mitted – “Layla”
Layla’s Pedigree

USAPurrs American Mittens
Seal Point Mitted – Traditional Lines – “Mitzy”
Mitzy’s Pedigree