Our Girls

USAPurrs Yankee Doodle Darling
Blue Point Bicolor – Traditional Lines – “Darla”
Darla’s Pedigree

RW CH USAPurrs Stars N Stripes Forever

Seal Lynx Point Bicolor – “Tabitha”
Tabitha’s Pedigree

USAPurrs Made In America
Seal Point Bicolor – “Maggie”
Maggie’s Pedigree

USAPurrs Yankee Doodle Dippin Dots

Blue Point Mitted – Traditional Lines – “Dottie”
Dottie’s Pedigree

Rubyridgerags Grace of USAPurrs

Blue Tortie Point Bicolor  – “Gracie”
Gracie’s Pedigree

USAPurrs American Dolly 
Seal Point Mitted – “Molly”
Molly’s Pedigree

USAPurrs Earn Your Stripes
Seal Lynx Point Mitted – “Ernie”
Ernie’s Pedigree

DGC Tajeschidolls Harmony of USAPurrs
Blue Tortie Point Bicolor  – “Harmony”
Harmony’s Pedigree

USAPurrs Denim and Lace 
Blue Lynx Point Mitted – “Lacey”
Lacey’s Pedigree

USAPurrs Hold Onto Freedom 
Seal Point Bicolor – Traditional Lines – “Hailee”
Hailee’s Pedigree

CH USAPurrs Sunshine in my Pocket

Seal Point Mitted – “Sunny”
Sunny’s Pedigree

USAPurrs Fashionably Late

Seal Lynx Colorpoint – “Zoe”
Zoe’s Pedigree