Picking Up Your New Baby

Picking up your kitten/Delivery:

I DO NOT ship pet quality kittens. As of November 18, 2013 I can no longer ship pet quality kittens due to a new rule change in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations.  When your kitten is ready to go to his/her new home the kitten must be picked up in person so there is a face-to-face transaction.

This rule pertains to every breeder in the United States and if not followed by the breeder and pet buyer there is a severe penalty.  All sales must take place face-to-face.   This means if you decide to adopt a kitten from USAPurrs you will need to arrange to personally come and pick the kitten up from me.

It is preferred that you come to my home, so that you can meet the kitten in an environment that he/she is comfortable. But I understand that not everyone is within an easy driving distance to my home. In these cases where you may need to fly here to pick up your new baby I will be happy to meet you at Tampa International Airport to deliver the kitten. Also I can provide delivery service to new pet owners that may need it.

I am willing to drive 2-3 hours one way to assist in the delivery of my kittens. This is helpful for new owners in North or South Florida, or some of our northern neighboring states such as Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and beyond. The delivery fee is $50.00-75.00 (based on distance) + the cost of gas (calculated at time of delivery based on current gas prices). This will cover my time, and travel expenses.

Shipping:  Breeding Quality cats can be shipped Domestically & Internationally – contact me for details.