Ragdoll Kitten Contract

 USAPurrs Ragdoll Kitten Adoption Contract

This agreement made on this _____ day of _______, 20___ between Brianne DeFoe hereinafter called the Vendor and ___________________ hereinafter called the Purchaser.
1. The Purchaser agrees to buy from the Vendor the following cat upon the terms and conditions of this agreement:
Breed: Ragdoll
Color/Pattern: ____________________   Gender: _________    DOB: _____________
Sire: ____________________________   Dam: _______________________________
2. The Purchaser shall pay the Vendor the sum of $_____________ for the cat.
3. The Vendor and the Purchaser acknowledge and agree the kitten is being purchased as a Pet/Companion.
4. The Vendor cannot make any guarantee on how said cat’s color, size, markings, temperament, and coat will develop.
5. The Purchaser will not have any type of surgical procedures performed on the cat for the purpose of removing any of the cat’s claws. If Purchaser does have any surgical procedures performed on the cat’s claws then all guarantees will be void.
6. The Purchaser agrees that this cat will not be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility and that the Vendor be notified immediately of any intended disposition for any reason.
7. The Purchaser agrees that the cat will live strictly indoors and will not be allowed outdoors unsupervised.
8a. The Purchaser is responsible for a veterinarian health check within 5 business days of possession to confirm that the cat is in good health. If Purchaser does not take said cat to the vet for a check up within the 5 business days, then Vendor has the right to assume that he cat has been accepted as is. The Vendor is not liable for any expenses (veterinary or otherwise) incurred by the Purchaser, and the Vendor retains the right to corroborate any diagnosis. The Vendor guarantees that the cat is healthy (free of disease or illness) at the time of pick-up and guarantees against genetic problems through the cat’s first three years of life and against HCM for life (See 8b for details). If the cat is diagnosed with any genetic disease it must be confirmed by a specialist in that field (ex. If cat is said to have HCM, then the diagnosis report must be from a licensed cardiologist). If said cat dies then cat will not be replaced until an official necropsy report is provided to Seller determining medical cause of death. If the cat is found to have a genetic problem or does not pass the veterinary health check, the Vendor agrees to replace the cat for as long as we are still breeding.
8b. The Purchaser MUST take said cat to vet for a yearly veterinary examination at least once per year, but specifically at the ages of 1yr, 2yrs, and 3yrs. (Appointment may be within 10 business days of these ages.)  If the Purchaser neglects to follow these procedures then all health guarantees will be void.
9. The Purchaser agrees to keep all cats’ vaccinations current. Purchaser agrees to not give said cat a Feline Leukemia Vaccination or FIP Vaccination or all guarantees will be void.
10. If this cat is found to be neglected or mistreated in any way, or if Purchaser cannot take care of said cat any longer then Purchaser will surrender said cat to Vendor unconditionally. If Purchaser is to move from listed address then new contact information must be supplied to Vendor immediately. If Purchaser decides not to keep said cat for any reason (ex. Allergies, moving, etc) then said cat must be returned to Vendor, no refund is guaranteed and arrangements will be made at that time.
11. Signature below indicates that Purchaser has read and understands all aspects of this contract and is in full agreement and approval to all above terms and conditions.